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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION NOVEMBER 2018 27 Sprinter Coaches by Royale Call today and speak with a product specialist: 1-800-544-5587. 99 Newark Street, Haverhill, MA 01832 | 978.374.4530 · 800.544.5587 | sales@ · Sales & Service Centers: Massachusetts · New York · New Jersey · Florida · California · Nevada © 2015 Cabot Coach Builders, Inc. Where Craftsmanship Counts ™ ees who leave shortly after they're hired report the job wasn't as advertised. Be honest about the requirements and the potential of the work. Properly onboarding your new chauffeur deter- mines if they feel prepared to do what you hired them to. Make sure their tablets are setup and they have access to your livery software and any other tech they might need. Orient them to company policies, rules, regulations, and proce- dures. Share your vision so your new employees will be proud to belong. If you have a mission statement, share it with them and explain how they fit into the mission. Adopt a plan to introduce your new chauffeurs to the office staff and other chauffeurs. Some companies send out a company-wide email asking all em- ployees to welcome the new chauffeur. Others will take new hires to lunch or call everyone together for coffee and introductions. Take steps to encourage warm and welcoming behavior from your current employees. — they hate their ex-manager. at's obvi- ously a red flag," Ford said. She always asks for specific examples of how they dealt with a difficult person or situation in past jobs. "Obviously traffic is always going to be an issue for drivers. So you may want to ask some- thing like, 'How do you handle situa- tions that have thrown your schedule off, and how do you plan ahead?'" If they pass the phone test, you want to make sure you can sell your com- pany to them when they come in for an in-person interview. "You want to pres- ent what it will be like as an employee for your company in a positive light." is means talking about how you get along as a team, what you do for your staff, and what makes working for you a good experience. Securing Your Prize Catch Once you've hired the right chauf- feur, you should do all you can to keep them. Losing them means forgoing the knowledge and skills they brought to your company. e good news is 75% of turnover is preventable. Many employ- light. Use a more casual tone and have them talk about themselves and their work history. "ey may divulge more than they should, which is maybe a good thing for you, but not so good for them," Ford said. "ey will be more at ease and give you more information during that conversation. When you look at their work history, I would say don't automatically discount an employee if they've jumped around a bit. ere may be a reason." Maybe they do contract work and move around. Look at why they left a position, but be mindful of their stay- ing power. "I have had situations where they will tell me everything that went wrong at every job they've had and why To access all the wisdom these experts had to share, be sure to watch the full webinar at lctmag. com by hovering over the "more" tab and clicking videos.

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