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6 WWW.LCTMAG.COM DEAR LCT: FEATURED E-MAIL OF THE MONTH Be sure to visit to post your comments and feedback on any of the content items. LCT will publish the best comments on this page. From: Ralph Duncan, executive VP of business development, London Towncars, Long Island City, N.Y. LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION OCTOBER 2018 In terms of trends in the industry, I'm seeing a lot of consolidation. When it comes to business travel trends, it's apparent that you really have to be getting out there and having face time with your clients. You have to take care of them beyond what's expected. I go out and buy them cupcakes, see them in person, and chat with the executive assistants. I think now more than any other time you really have to have that personal touch, especially with your existing clients. At a time where €nding quality chauffeurs has been more dif€cult than ever, the same goes for the hiring process. We are sitting and talking to people more than we ever have. Instead of them just coming in and €lling in an application, we're trying to really get to know them and understand their backgrounds. It seems like they appreciate it more, and we get more of a feel for how they really are. It's a win-win." Follow LCT on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn Do you want to sound off straight to an editor? E-mail your thoughts on an industry topic to LCT editor Martin Romjue (; LCT assistant editor Lexi Tucker (; OR LCT contributing editor Jim Luff ( LCT CONNECT — the new-school alternative to a letters-to-the-editor page — is compiled by LCT editor Martin Romjue and LCT social media editor Lexi Tucker ( Visitor comments we "like" on LCT Social Media posts. [08/25/2018] Arizona Operator Goes From Gig To Good Johnny M: Great Article! [08/17/2018] Volvo Tech Would Have Avoided Uber Death Anthony: They should be banned from that industry simply from the lack of safety protocol!!!!! [08/08/2018] Your Clients Are Ready To Keep You, If… Jeff: Great article Martin, thanks! [08/15/2018] New York Mayor Approves Permit Cap On For-Hire Vehicles Rita Aquilina: This has happened in Sydney, Australia. Our government has allowed Uber to continue to grow and has ceased all new Hire Car plates (for-hire vehicles) being made available. By 2020, the Hire Car industry will no longer exist and we will all be shunted into the "ridesharing" bucket. Their secret deals with Uber have ensured hundreds of small business operators and their drivers will have their livelihoods destroyed. Not to mention the complete lack of understanding that the executive and VIP market do not want to lose this service. DJ Bryant: I'm sure the measure is or is going to be fought in court to remove the current luxury transportation companies from the bill. As my brother Solombrino said, this cap should only be aimed at those who don't have full license (Uber / Lyft) and cut into the market of those that do! 08/27/2018: Driverless Car Reality Check: We Aren't There Yet Tommy Jones: People never look where they are going anyway. They are all addicted to their phones when they are driving!!!!!! 08/15/2018: Need Chauffeurs? Sign Up For Our Webinar! The LMC Group: So excited for this event! Amy Albertson Cooley: What a team! 08/12/2018: Industry Events Don't Have To Be Overwhelming Wendy Kleesch: I can't wait to see my industry friends! Mary Sharp: Good article Jim. I also love the smaller shows. 08/08/2018: NLA Urges New York City To Freeze Transportation Cap Tate McIntyre: If NYC holds their ground and does not issue any new Uber permits, it will likely become apparent how extensive Uber driver attrition is. I suspect this is their greatest fear; the public will realize drivers really don't last long. Probably another reason why they discourage Uber drivers from building a personal, repeat customer base. In most cities, drivers are public record as are all licensed professions. Uber sued Houston to prevent the city from releasing any information about numbers of drivers, how many permits are issued, how many don't even bother to get a permanent permit when the temp expired, etc. 08/02/2018: Virginia Operator Achieves His American Dream Christina Nguyen: The area Claude represents is a very saturated area with more than plenty of chauffeured services competing with one another. Well-deserved, Claude. Benjamin Mercer: Way to go Claude! 08/21/2018: Bill Faeth Visits LCT Of›ce Bill Faeth @bfaeth: Amazing working with my friends at @LCTMag today in Los Angeles. 08/17/2018: Cabin Mixes Luxury Bus Service With Tech Vegas BiLL @VegasBiLL: This is so much better of an experience, than sitting upright with a crooked neck for hours, on a bus ride We should try this? 08/14/2018: Chosen Payments, LMC Group Start New Venture The LMC Group @lmc_group: It's been SO hard to keep this a secret, but we can œnally share the BIG NEWS. Your favorite comrades in green - @ChosenPayments and @LMC_Group - are embarking on a new venture together. This is a game changer! "BEST OF" ARTICLE COMMENTS SAMPLER @ LCTMAG.COM TOP COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK/LINKEDIN/TWITTER OCTOBER 2018 6 Social Whirl

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