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WWW.LCTMAG.COM 42 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION OCTOBER 2018 by Lexi Tucker, LCT associate editor OCTOBER 2018 Who: Raj Dhillon, owner and president, City Trans INC., Los Angeles, Calif. Retaining Talent: How do you get chau•eurs to stay? Give them freedom to deal with clients. Set up boundaries and provide them with the vital infor- mation, but let them handle the client in the way they think is best. ‚is is why Raj likes to keep low overhead with less sta• — it's easier for every- body to understand their role. "I don't stop them from making important decisions; I empower them to do so." Lessons Learned: Stability is impor- tant. "I have seen ups and downs, but consistent customer service is the key reason I'm still in the business and growing every year." He gives all of the credit to his team of chau•eurs and oˆce sta•. ‚e company culture moti- vates them all to do their best, and has helped him retain some chau•eurs up to 20 years. "It's just the way we work together — as a family." Getting Started: Raj Dhillon drove a taxi for about Œve years and had many clients who would call him directly. He decided he would be able to serve them better if he bought a more upscale car and started learning about the limou- sine industry. ‚e business was started in 1996 with a used 1994 Lincoln Town Car previously owned by another limo company. He came from India where his family owns a large transportation company. Transportation has always been an interest of his, and he was ex- cited to improve his service levels and o•er a more executive type of service. Self-Sustaining Marketing: It's always beneŒcial to get a new client, but you cannot ever forget who got you where you are today. Raj stopped marketing 15 years ago because word of mouth has served him better than any search engine. "My clients grow because if the person works at one company, the whole company starts using me. One family becomes two, three families. ‚ere's so much busi- ness to be had by just focusing on the clients you already serve." Do Unto Others: Over the years, he has learned the more you push your chau•eurs, the more likely it is they will have an accident. ‚ey have had very few in the 22 years of the company's his- tory because he doesn't pressure them into anything. "I think a lot of it has to do with the fact I also drove myself. I know every single feeling when you're sitting behind the wheel for a long time. After certain hours, you just don't drive the way you're supposed to. Over a certain amount of time, you become numb and that's when you stop paying attention to your driving." Stay Smart With Money: He has little debt and always pays his employ- ees and aˆliates on time. He attributes this to being cash savvy. "I'm always ahead of the Œnancial curve. I don't buy something I really don't need. I don't want to be under that pressure. We don't have any problem paying bills." Advice To Operators: Focus on education and relationship building. He Œrst started attending LCT Shows nine years ago and has since joined an industry 20 group. "Friendships are very important. It's so helpful to be able to talk with others who may have had the same problems as you. You won't have anyone to help you un- less you reach out to new people." He hopes more operators realize this and bring their friends to future shows to increase the number of attendees. "If I can bring even one person from another company, it helps everybody expand their network." FASTFACTS CITY TRANS LOCATION: Los Angeles, Calif. OWNER: Raj Dhillon FOUNDED: 1996 VEHICLE TYPE: sedans, SUVs, vans FLEET SIZE: 17 EMPLOYEES: 21 WEBSITE: PHONE: (310) 313-3555 Raj Dhillon has low turnover due to his calm, collected way of management. Raj Dhillon, president of City Trans, is always excited to meet new people at tradeshows and forge strong bonds with other operators. Los Angeles Operator Knows Trust Leads To Retention COOLESTBIZ Cenllase Estrada, afliate manager for City Trans, is Raj's right-hand woman who helps take care of the business while he's away learning how to grow.

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