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MARKETING & SALES PHOTO/ILLUSTRATION: KEVIN HAEGELE, LCT ART DIRECTOR L AS VEGAS, Nev. — You must keep up with social media marketing strategies when targeting modern consum- ers. But operators are always so busy; how do they nd enough time in a day to snag audience engagement? Andrea Racanelli, marketing communications director for •e Capacity Group, talked about how to build a social me- dia strategy on March 13 during the International LCT Show that will make sense to even the most occupied operator. The Power Of Seven Studies show prospective clients have to be hit at least seven times before they make a purchase. Your job as a marketer is to hit them as often as you can for the least cost. •is isn't just about one tactic; it's about multiple touchpoints: Email, snail mail, social media, local organizations you join, etc. "All you want to do is get one more touchpoint in every time you can so they will remember you when they need you," Racanelli said. Creating A Content Schedule When you sit down to evaluate your product, you must look at the entire year and plan your content around peak times. "We're not going to talk about prom in September; we're not going to talk about winter driving and safety in July," she said. You must be strategic and think about important topics like weddings, vacations, and corporate travel, as well as the most logical times to mention how your service can help. "Map it out for the entire year and this will help you jumpstart your market- ing programs because you already know what you're basing it around." Know Who You're Dealing With To succeed in your mar- keting e'orts, you must know what's important to your target audience. Know where they live, their spend- ing habits, and what platforms on social media they live 40 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION OCTOBER 2018 Andrea Racanelli, marketing communications director for The Capacity Group, discussed best practices for creating a social media strategy to promote your brand. LCT Show speaker Andrea Racanelli talked to operators about the best ways to make time for good digital marketing. By Lexi Tucker, LCT associate editor

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