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October 2018

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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION OCTOBER 2018 35 6SULQWHU&RDFKHVE\5R\DOH &DOOWRGD\DQGVSHDNZLWKDSURGXFWVSHFLDOLVW 99 Newark Street, Haverhill, MA 01832 | 978.374.4530 · 800.544.5587 | sales@ · Sales & Service Centers: Massachusetts · New York · New Jersey · Florida · California · Nevada © 2015 Cabot Coach Builders, Inc. :+(5(&5$)760$16+,3&28176 Mahnke is always on the lookout for good quality employees and says you need to recruit from every avenue you can. He uses websites such as Indeed, Monster, and Craigslist. However, he believes being a California-based opera- tor poses additional obstacles for him. "•e biggest problem in California is the wage and hour policies," Mahnke said. •e labor laws enforced by the State Labor Commissioner are tough on California operators due to the nature of the job and the requirement to provide rest and meal breaks at certain time intervals. It's not practical to pull over and tell a passenger a break must be taken before traveling any further. Not to mention the minimum wage in San Mateo County is $13.50 per hour. Since ABC calls the city of San Mateo home, Mahnke is saddled with that hourly wage and the corresponding worker's comp premiums and employer based payroll tax. •is likely pushes the hourly labor cost to just under $20 per hour. He says even with the $13.50 mini- mum wage, chauŠeurs really can't aŠord to live in California. •e only way to change that is to change the rate struc- ture to stay in business and properly pay chauŠeurs so they can aŠord housing. Despite these obstacles, he continues to recruit by purchasing ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and the previously mentioned websites. He doesn't believe classiŽed advertising is useless yet. "ClassiŽeds have not gone away, but they have taken a smaller role in recruiting. I think there are more opportunities through social media now," Mahnke said. Noune Bagdasarian, KLS Worldwide Chaueured Services and Seamless Logistics, Beverly Hills, Calif. Bagdasarian has noticed groups and events will book inbound transporta- tion for their employees, and then tell staŠ they can book their own return trip — this re'ects an increase in "blei- sure" travel. "We see that especially when they are in a destination city like Los Angeles and the event Žnishes close to a weekend." To help retain talent, the company has upped beneŽts. When chauŠeurs are hired, they get 401k access, credit for three new suits, and their dry clean- ing is payed for. After 18 months, they start accruing more PTO, and this increase continues the longer they stay with the company. "•ey are part of our family, and this keeps them from burning out." —; The stylish and color coordinated Noune Bagdasarian of KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services and Seamless Logistics.

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