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October 2018

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WWW.LCTMAG.COM 2 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION OCTOBER 2018 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION (ISSN 1097-4814) (USPS 734-790) is published monthly by Bobit Business Media, 3520 Challenger Street, Torrance, California 90503-1640. Peri- odicals postage paid at Torrance, California 90503-9998 and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION, P.O. Box 3312 Northbrook, IL 60065-3312. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for address changes to take effect. Subscription Prices - United States $28 per year; Canada $38 per year; Foreign $50 per year. Single copy - $5; Back Issues - $10; Fact Book - $40. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive your first issue. Bobit Business Media reserves the right to refuse non-qualified subscriptions. Please address Editorial and Advertising correspondence to the Executive Offices at 3520 Challenger Street, Torrance, California 90503-1640. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced either in whole or in part without consent of Bobit Business Media. All statements made, although based on information believed to be reliable and accurate, cannot be guaranteed and no fault or liability can be accepted for error or omission. For your Information: We sometimes make our subscriber information (i.e. fax, e-mail or mailing address) available to carefully screened organizations whose products and services may be of interest to you. If you prefer not to have your information made available, please write LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION, PO Box 3312, Northbrook, IL 60065-3312. Member of: Printed in USA A Bobit Business Media Publication 6 Social Whirl 14 Publisher's Page 16 Luxury Transportation Scene 42 CoolBiz 43 Great Ideas 44 Millennial Matters 45 Pro•t Motives 46 NLA News & Views 50 Farm In/Farm Out 60 Dealer Showroom 63 Ad Index 64 Editor's Edge FEATURES T E C H N O L O G Y 20 Hot Tech Tip Sheet As technology speeds up, what better way to •nd out what works best than asking operators in real time? C O V E R : N E W V E H I C L E S 22 Volvo Rides On New Concept Of Luxury The 2019 S90 sedan embodies some of the strongest selling points for chauffeured operators in a tough market: Tech-driven safety and duty of care. M O T O R C O A C H E S : P R O F I L E 25 Operator Finds Opportunity In Buses A three-decade North Carolina company illustrates the textbook path from traditional limousine service to a motorcoach focus. S P E C I A L T E C H S E C T I O N 26 Web Sightings Worth Citing This year's annual collection shows the latest innovative ways owners present their companies online. B U S I N E S S T R AV E L 29 Limo-Vangelizing At Ground Zero The industry's leading duty-of- care acolytes took their persuasive message to the hub of business and corporate travel procurement. HOW TO M O T O R C O A C H E S : O P E R AT I O N S 36 Intercity Coach Service Stretches Beyond Greyhound The growth of line runs and •xed routes between cities presents new revenue potential for motorcoach operators. I L C T E D U C AT I O N : M A R K E T I N G & S A L E S 40 Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media These easy strategies can save you time while maximizing your digital marketing reach. DEPARTMENTS C O O L B I Z 42 Operator Finds Formula For Low Turnover Raj Dhillon gives his chauffeurs the freedom to deliver consistent customer service. G R E AT I D E A S 43 Why Mobile Payments Are A Must If you want your money from clients, you have to provide them with the most convenient ways to pay up. M I L L E N N I A L M AT T E R S 44 Are You Worth What You're Asking For? If you haven't established a reputation online, why would an inquiring consumer pick you? CONTENTS October 2018 The 2019 Volvo S90 accentuates all aspects of luxury service. COVER IMAGE: Volvo Car USA Inc. ON THE COVER... 40

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