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21 OCTOBER 2018 do all of the conrmation calls because we manage each booking in depth. GNet eliminates many of the head- aches involved," he says. He also uses cloud-based Google Docs, which has increased accountability and produc- tivity among his sta•. "You can easily create notes and assign certain tasks and projects. Each becomes a living document that multiple people can work on." Add To Wishlist Robert Gaskill, CEO and cofounder of MOTEV in Los Angeles, Calif., would love to see virtual reality technology become a part of training processes. ‡ink chau•eur training without the risk of upsetting a real client or damag- ing a real vehicle. He would like to remind operators, however, that they shouldn't be dazzled by the newest advancements and make purchases without thinking…or understanding. "‡e latest tech will do absolutely nothing for you if you don't know how to do simple tasks like reply to an email," he says. "'New' isn't as impor- tant as understanding how to use it." He stresses the importance of helping those on your team who may not be as willing to adapt to new processes and software. "You have to explain how tech is going to help your com- pany — the source of their livelihoods — remain relevant in this age. We're going to lose the next generation as clients if we can't communicate in their language." Nick Kokas, VP of global operations for Brentwood's Distinguished Executive Transportation in Macomb, Mich., would like to see a neural cloud-based supply chain network created that would interact with the industry's major software conglomerates. "‡is would bring more than 85% of the chau•eured car industry's supply and capacity into one organized place," he explains. "Once we can collectively agree to upload our vehicle and chau•eur supply into the 'neural cloud supply chain' (in real time using our vehicles' GPS solu- tions), we can then truly compete in an on-demand and/or near-demand world by o•ering a white label solution, re- gardless of what back o›ce system you are using. ‡e best part about this idea is that it'd be 100% automated." — are at in the negotiation process and so much more. However, for it to work properly, you can't just buy it — you have to know how to implement and make it work for you. You need the right people and a plan." Mike Barreto, COO of Eagle Chau•eured Services in Brookhaven, Pa., suggests an app called Typeform to help you create customized online forms for your clients and migrate their answers to your email or CRM. "You can use it for checklists for clients for events like weddings, to create surveys and questionnaires, and the like. It helps to streamline data and provides us with the details we need before we reach out in person," he says. He also recommends Adobe Sign, software that makes it easy to prepare and send documents for signatures. Barreto is converting all his forms and migrating them so he can email them directly to clients to ll out and return. "It's just one more tool that increases the ease of use of our service," he says. ‡e service helps send and track the documents and sends you email noti- cations every step of the way. Mark Kini, founder and CEO of Boston Chau•eur in Beverly, Mass., says GNet has completely changed the way he works with a›liates. "We make very few calls and get all the chau•eur details, status updates, pick up and drop o• times, and more. It's normally so much more labor intensive for us to "Each software provider has so much to offer; but it's not about what everyone else wants, it's about what your company needs. Don't spend money just to spend money, but don't be cheap." — Anuj Patel LIMO GROWTH FACEBOOK GROUP SHARES TECH SECRETS Here are some more hidden technology gems to help you succeed. • Johnny Donohoe, Sterling Limousine, Wrightstown, Penn. — Dashcams. • Patrick Mulvihill, Dashride, New York, N.Y. — A customer app that allows customers to track drivers and manage own reservations. • Michael Birmingham, Birming- ham Limousine Service, Toledo, Ohio — ZipWhip and LifeZaver. • Brent Abruzese, Red Bank Limo, Red Bank, N.J. — I've been using CallRail to track the effectiveness of my offline advertising. For example, if I'm printing out business cards, I'd go into CallRail, generate a tracking number and call it "business card." The software will track all inbound calls to the number and I'd be able to see how much volume those cards get compared to my other forms of advertising. • Dave Uziel, UrbanBCN World- wide, San Francisco, Calif. — Slack for internal commu- nications. We also use Front. It's an email system that works amazing in a team environment. We have 10 people looking at the same email box, which makes ensuring things don't slip through the cracks simple. • Sam Rubin, Four Seasons Concierge, Park City, Utah — EVERYTHING from • Michael Lindsey, Lindsey Limousine, Hartford, Conn. —, a full driver and office staff management tool. Saves time and money by streamlining driver availability, managing time-off requests, organizing vehicle maintenance, training both drivers and office staff, and much more. (Lindsey is owner of

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