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W e often hear about how the luxury transporta- tion industry needs to catch up to the likes of other tech-forward companies and indus- tries, but this is easier said than done. However, as the Chinese philoso- pher Lao Tzu once said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. LCT has collected some advice and other words of wisdom from opera- tors who have taken one or more single steps and found themselves much better for it. How To Enhance Operations With The Right Tools Anuj Patel, director of strategic develop- ment at Pontarelli Worldwide Ground Transportation in Chicago, Ill., says there are two pieces of tech that have helped improve operations. e robust- ness and customization of Livery Coach and Drive Pro€t's online quoting tool. "I've worked with three di…erent software providers, and so far Livery Coach is the only one I've experienced that's essentially a living, breathing software," he says. " e customer service is excellent, often ending in the representative €xing any issues on the spot. ey cater to your needs and will work on developing solutions just for you. Di…erent versions and updates as- sure it evolves along with the times." Investing in updated tech and soft- ware that's right for your company's size can help eliminate small tasks. "Each software provider has so much to o…er; but it's not about what every- one else wants, it's about what your company needs. Don't spend money just to spend money, but don't be cheap," he explains. e speci€c size of your business and the amount of detail you need to keep track of are factors to consider when choosing software. " ese software systems o…er so much more than just dispatch and reserva- tions now." Pontarelli has also been a guinea pig of sorts for Drive Pro€t's online quot- ing tool. Essentially a lead generator that can integrate with your CRM and email, it has improved the company's ability to follow up with promising cli- ents. "It's changed everything for us as far as incoming and outgoing quotes. We can see if someone else has already started working on a quote, where they WWW.LCTMAG.COM Anuj Patel, Mike Barreto, Mark Kini, Nick Kokas, and Robert Gaskill all believe in the power of being tech forward. Must-Have Tech To Guide Your Company Operators weigh in on what they've discovered that helps make their lives, and those of their clients, easier and more efcient. By Lexi Tucker, LCT associate editor TECHNOLOGY / INNOVATIONS LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION OCTOBER 2018 2 0

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