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6 WWW.LCTMAG.COM DEAR LCT: FEATURED E-MAIL OF THE MONTH Be sure to visit to post your comments and feedback on any of the content items. LCT will publish the best comments on this page. From: Dave Uziel, president, UrbanBCN Worldwide, San Francisco, Calif. LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION SEPTEMBER 2018 I think the biggest issue we are facing in this industry is cohesiveness between operators and their software companies. Over the last few years, the buzz talk was how can these software companies work better together for US (the operators). It seems the more we ask, the more runarounds we are being told. I understand everyone needs to make money or wants to be the biggest software company, but in the end, it's hurting the software AND limousine companies. Failure of these software companies to respond to operator requests has caused many operators to continue to lose revenue or even at least be consid- ered for farm-in/out work. I am not saying it's an easy fix to make happen, but GRiDD has built a viable solution for instant updates and farming in/out. I think it's time for all the software companies to be put on notice. Follow LCT on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn Do you want to sound off straight to an editor? E-mail your thoughts on an industry topic to LCT editor Martin Romjue (; LCT assistant editor Lexi Tucker (; OR LCT contributing editor Jim Luff ( LCT CONNECT — the new-school alternative to a letters-to-the-editor page — is compiled by LCT editor Martin Romjue and LCT social media editor Lexi Tucker ( Visitor comments we "like" on LCT Social Media posts. [07/11/2018] Oklahoma Operator Believes In Classic Stretch Service Renee: Great article, Susy! [07/18/2018] San Francisco Bay Area Operation Brings On Dave Hawes Dave Hawes: Thanks for such an amazing article. [07/02/2018] Who Will Grow Your Luxury Service? Roberta Lacken: Great Stuff Martin! So true! [07/05/2018] This Luxury Automaker Is Sitting Out On Driverless Modes Selfdrive: I agree with their decision. I have always believed a computer cannot replace a human's reflexes and instincts. With the crazy number of assistance packages that come as an option for most manufacturers, driving has been made easier. Autonomous car technology can kill the actual joy of driving. [07/05/2018] Bus Line Hopes To Fly Past Airlines Anthony: Great concept! Every world traveler would love to sleep and arrive in San Francisco. That's a day of vacation saved instead of three hours pre-airport and two hours at the final destination. [07/02/2018] Operator Overcomes Personal Struggles, Invites Success Shirel Woodcox : You are an inspiration. I am proud to say I know you. 07/15/18: How To Create Profitable Charter & Tour Packages Dan Goff: Go Paul Thompson Go... Paul Thompson: Dan, many thanks to you for helping me get started and selling me my first motorcoach. It's been a party ever since! 07/11/18: Oklahoma Operator Believes In Classic Stretch Service David Monsey: Great article, Susy Paris. Susy S Paris: Thank you, David Monsey 07/11/18: LCT Top 10 - California Ready To Enforce Law To Retrofit Stretch Limousines John Provenzano: Only in California. 07/09/18: Who Will Grow Your Luxury Service? Stephen Felt: Here in Denver we eliminated curb crawlers and now all TNC drivers are forced into a FIFO lot. If your airport hasn't done it yet, you need to put pressure on them at the monthly board meetings. Tate McIntyre: Great article. 07/07/18: New Pay Formula Could Reduce Number Of For-Hire Vehicles Gary LeCamu: They aren't forced to drive at any wage. Stephen Felt: Not sure any of us would accept a wage unless they promised not to do away with surges and didn't reduce the rates. They're already too low. 07/05/18: LMC Group Offers Ready Resources For Operators Kristen Hotham Carroll: Thank you for the great article, Lexi!! <3 Tony Mehdiof: The decision to work with The LMC Group under the direction and leadership of Kristen and such a great team of professionals has been one of the best moves for North Point. LMC has become a part of our team by committing all their resources and expertise to us, and treating us as their main client in the Atlanta market by participating in every part of our business. We trust their loyalty and expertise, and look forward to many years of working together. 07/03/18: Big Lincoln Navigator Hauls It All Brian Joseph: I love these new Navis. 07/02/18: New York Couple Swaps Roles, Succeeds Together Ómar Djermoun: Teamwork makes dreams work 07/03/18: Authentically Happy Employees Create Unforgettable Experiences John F. Casey: Truth "BEST OF" ARTICLE COMMENTS SAMPLER @ LCTMAG.COM TOP COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK/LINKEDIN/TWITTER SEPTEMBER 2018 6 Social Whirl

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