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58 WWW.LCTMAG.COM Top 5 Google Adwords Techniques You Aren't Using (But Really Should Be) SEPTEMBER 2018 least four times that first day. From Disney To Google Adwords What does this have to do with Google Adwords? It's simple. The fight for people's attention in the search engine is brutal. You aren't just competing for attention; you are competing for clicks and business. While you can play the SEO game, it's a long-term strategy that builds upon itself over time. There are multiple moving parts involved if you really want organic search to comprise a large portion of your marketing efforts. Once you understand the essentials to building an effective campaign, Google Adwords is your Fast Pass to increasing awareness and generating revenue from prospects. But, I have to caution you from the get-go: You can't dive into Google Adwords blind. To truly benefit from the platform, you have to acknowledge and implement five foolproof setup and optimization techniques. Structure Your Campaigns and Ad Groups Google Adwords does not function like Facebook Ads Manager. As you setup a Google Adwords cam- paign, you'll want to consider your business goals and website hierarchy. Categorize your campaigns and ad groups based on the top-level webpages on your site. For example, if you are a limousine company that offers proms, weddings, and nights out on the town, you'd like to create a retail campaign. Under the campaign level, you'd de- velop three ad groups around the three services you provide (i.e. proms, weddings, and nights out). A few years ago, I took my two young daughters to Dis- ney World. This was their first mac daddy amusement park experience, you know what I mean? The park brought animated characters to life right before their eyes. They passed lines of stands practically raining cotton candy and ice cream cones. And they were fixated on the gigantic machinery tossing both kid and adult up in the air. I'm describing the rides, of course. The same ones I re- member waiting hours to get on when I was a child. Wait- ing was bearable when it was a new concept and when the contraption was unfamiliar. As a 40-something-year-old, however, I refused to put my feet through the pain. I pulled the Fast Passes I got for my family out of my cargo pants and we zipped through the line. We rode every ride at Profit Motives BILL FAETH | Here's a long-term strategy to make your organic search comprise a large portion of your marketing efforts. By Bill Faeth PHOTO: ISTOCK.COM/INBJ LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION SEPTEMBER 2018

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