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56 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION SEPTEMBER 2018 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LEXI TUCKER is LCT associate editor and coordinator of the LCT Fast 40, a group of operators under 40 who collaborate and learn from each other about all aspects of chauffeured transportation. She can be reached at MILLENNIAL MATTERS While you might not consider Millennials part of your client base now, they eventually will be. What's holding you back from earning their business early? Should You Ease Back On Exclusivity? A dd "murderers" to your already long list of labels for Millennials. I've read tons of articles on the poor victims of my generation, from homeownership to dia- monds to chain restaurants. e most intriguing so far, however, came from a CityLab article titled, "Will Millennials Kill the Country Club?" e piece talked about how young adults are turned off by the traditional image of the country club: "…stuffy and formal, with old-fashioned dress codes and rules about cell-phone use. Not to mention the rich history of racial and religious dis- crimination that accompanies many such organizations," reads the article. e service you're selling is upscale, luxury transportation. It's only natural there will be an air of exclusiveness that accompanies it, and that's not a bad thing. How else will you stand out from the TNCs and give the traveling public the highest qual- ity option? Nevertheless, I think trying to sell Millennials on price is the wrong way to go about earning not just their business, but their trust as well. Fixing An Image Problem I've noticed many luxury ground transportation companies are telling clients they can provide rides anywhere in the world. Seeing as how many Millennials are over- come with wanderlust, this is certainly a point you should be touting. ere's a paragraph in the article mentioned above that says: "In the age of Face- book and declining church attendance, country clubs are somewhere to socialize and make friends in real life. An air of exclusivity can be one result of selective member- ship, but preexisting bonds and similar attitudes can also offer a sense of community." You are selling an experience, am I right? I hear it all the time at LCT Shows. Are you hyping your vehicles as a place where people can strengthen their "preexisting bonds" with friends and family? While this may not be a concern with companies that do primarily corporate business, it's something to think about. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify I don't think anyone would argue the number one reason people use TNCs is conve- nience. Price is another factor, and as we all know, it's something a luxury ground transportation company simply cannot compete with — and you shouldn't have to. e article states some clubs are doing away with initiation fees, breaking the fee down into installments, or offering a one-year trial membership. I'm not saying give your services away for free, but try experimenting with the way you present your pricing or create loyalty programs that give clients an incentive to use you regularly and promote you to their friends. You already spend all this money on special add-ons like snacks, drinks, car seats, and Wi-Fi. But what's the point if your clients don't find out you have any of these until they get in the car? Don't keep it a secret! Telling Your Story Millennials want to support businesses that show they're not just in it for profit. I'm willing to bet money you have people from all walks of life on your team. Are you shin- ing a spotlight on who they are? Do you have a charity you support because of an issue that has affected your own life? Are you a minority or veteran-owned business? ere must be a story behind that. As an associate editor for LCT, I'm looking for stories about entrepreneurs who don't just talk about how their excellent customer service sets them apart; I want to know what really makes you different. Finally, don't ever forget that kid you took to prom in 2018 may end up being a member of the 1% in 2038, or sooner. ey'll remember how you treat them in one of your cars. Give them an experience they won't forget, and they'll tell your story for you — free of charge. Millennials travel more than any other generation. Source: Nielsen Millennial families intend to spend 38% more than Millennial couples on vacation and 88% more than Millennial singles. Source: MMGY Global 26% of Millennial family vacations are at international destinations; fewer than 20% of couples or singles overall travel internationally. Source: MMGY Global SEPTEMBER 2018 While U.S. travelers only intend to travel 6% more this year, Millennial families intend to travel 35% more. Source: MMGY Global By Lexi Tucker, LCT associate editor

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