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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION SEPTEMBER 2018 35 tion of business and leisure travel. Companies are using it as a way to attract talent. e employee will pay for the leisure portion of their trips, and therefore don't have to stay inside company travel policy. "Whether they want to go high end or budget, it's all up to them. What we are finding is they are not spending any dif- ferently than they would as if they were on their business trip for the majority. So a lot of them are still going with the least expensive options as possible," she said. "ey'll typically go with the most convenient modes of transportation; that's my sensitive way of saying they'll use Uber and Lyft." However, anything that creates more travel does give you the opportunity to up your sales game — you should see this as a challenge rather than a death sentence. Tech Giveth And Taketh Face-to-face meetings are rising. Corporations had a rude awakening when they tried to make their salespeople do a lot of networking or sales presentations by phone or Skype. It's just not as effective as meeting with someone in person. is trend will surely contribute to the increase in travel and op- portunities for you to gain that business. Your ability to cater to the instant grati- fication generation is another factor that will make your busi- ness sink or swim. Live chatting has be- come extremely im- portant to a lot of the people who book on- line. 79% of business- es that offer live chat see a positive impact on sales, revenue, and customer loyalty. "Be aware your clients are looking to be responded to immediately and not have to make 15 phone calls to get there," she said. Educated Predictions So what does the future of travel look like? "I really have no idea," D'Anzieri said. "It's just changing too fast for me to know. Technology is ever evolving, the traveler mindset is evolving with the technology, and for the most part, they can't do without it, or they don't want to do without it. e shared economy is not going away. Payment options are changing, and educated traveler options are growing." To keep up with these changes, you should understand how technology affects the travel space, how your clients are using it, and how they feel about it. Keep looking for tech- nologies in your market to enhance the client experience and internal efficiencies. Don't stop differentiating yourself. Travel agents, believe it or not, are on your side. ey're looking to help you grow your business because it helps them too. Keep them in the know and make sure they understand you and your future plans. Finally, create alliances — not only with your clients, but within your industry. But you already do that at LCT Shows…right? — pricing," she explained. Travel management companies and agencies are trying to encourage travelers to use legacy companies for ground transportation, not only for security reasons, but also be- cause they have a personal interest. "We give travel agents commission, so they're losing revenue when clients use Uber or Lyft as well." Why will travel agents choose you? At the top of the list are commissions, booker rewards, your visibility during net- working events, and what kind of relationship you are looking to build with them. "Familiarity, and most importantly trust, are vital because every time we deviate from what they ex- pect, that trust factor goes down. And I can guarantee you they're going to put their customers over you." Bleisure Creates Opportunity In 2017, 79% of travelers completed all of their travel plans from their smartphones. at's up from 70% in 2016, and this trend isn't about to slow down. Convenience plays a large part in how people choose how they will travel. is is part of the reason why bleisure travel has increased. If you are unfamiliar with the term, bleisure is a combina- "In spite of the focus on safety and security, it's no secret corporations and leisure travelers are ignoring these in exchange for cost and convenience. They understand the risks, yet they continue to use Uber and Lyft." —Lenore D'Anzieri To view the Travel Trends You Should Know webinar in its entirety, go to, hover over the more tab, and click the video link.

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