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September 2018

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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION SEPTEMBER 2018 21 Sprinter Coaches by Royale Call today and speak with a product specialist: 1-800-544-5587. 99 Newark Street, Haverhill, MA 01832 | 978.374.4530 · 800.544.5587 | sales@ · Sales & Service Centers: Massachusetts · New York · New Jersey · Florida · California · Nevada © 2015 Cabot Coach Builders, Inc. Where Craftsmanship Counts ™ you get paid. is often gets many new shuttle operators in trouble. Many large companies would like to be invoiced once a month. If you elect to accept these terms, you need to understand you will likely not be paid for two months. Let's say you start a contract in January and invoice on Feb. 1 for the first month of January. Large compa- nies will "age" the invoice and pay it on the first of the month following receipt of the invoice. e check will be cut on March 1 and mailed to you. By the time it actually gets to the bank, it will be about March 10. Meanwhile, you must make the vehicle payments, monthly insurance premiums, fuel, and payroll, and wait for a check in March. It could sink your ship. A better way to do it is to write your contract so your client pays in advance for two weeks at a time. is is better cash flow for you and doesn't stretch you out as thin between pay- ments. Ask your client if they can de- posit payments directly into your bank account to shorten turn-around time from invoice to payment. — policies such as Engine On – Cell Phone OFF. is means the driver should never touch his phone while in the driver's seat. ere may be a requirement called "first move forward." is means the driver can never park the vehicle where he has to back up to start his journey, or if he does have to back up, there must be a spotter present outside the vehicle. Billing Matters Nothing is more essential than how doesn't stop there. You are required to hold monthly safety meetings and turn in all of your drug and alcohol testing results, including how many drivers were tested out of how many employees employed within your company and the results of all tests performed. Anything not quite right can jeopar- dize your contract. Make sure every driv- er assigned to a contracted shuttle under- stands the importance of following every rule. Most large companies follow safety Shuttle bus models of all types now abound on International LCT Show floors, offering plenty of choices suitable for every type of shuttle contract.

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