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September 2018

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20 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION SEPTEMBER 2018 WWW.LCTMAG.COM Leasing is Bright TITUS LEASING COMPANY - THE BRIGHT CHOICE Partner with Titus Leasing Company and experience the brightest ideas when it comes to leasing. Call us today to find out how we can help you improve your bottom line. 800-227-3965 I BUSES: OPERATIONS someone else will. Contract Details e level of detail of how you conduct shuttle service for a large company like Google, Chevron, or Schlumberger can be tough. Paulo Rhor with Schlumberg- er is tasked with contracting ground transportation companies to shuttle employees. Rhor says some of the things you can expect as a Schlumberg- er contractor are regular inspections of your vehicles including the contents of First Aid kits, inspection tags on fire extinguishers, crash documentation kits, inspection of DVRs (daily vehicle reports), and the presence of a hard hat if job appropriate. You also can expect the tire tread depth to be checked, the functionality of emergency exits, and the presence of an insurance card and valid registration. It the contract to shuttle newborn babies and their mothers home, drivers were required to take lunch breaks in the hospital cafeteria. is was a significant consideration, as technically the driver is not relieved of duty and is required to be in a certain place and thus is paid for their one-hour lunch break. During the course of any given day, this means two drivers getting a paid break at $12/hour. at totals more than $8,600 over the course of the year and must be factored into the contract rate. Hotel shuttle drivers may be required to wear a hotel branded uniform and even drivers who took people to work in the oilfields each day were required to wear the uniform of a service company we worked for. If thoughts of this upset you, don't bother responding to an RFP as these are non-negotiable require- ments. If you don't want to play ball, sent the type of vehicle you intend to use. For instance, an energy company was looking for a company to provide employ- ee shuttle service and put out a request for proposal (RFP) that clearly indicated they required a 15-passenger van for the work being requested. In my detailed pro- posal, I included some beautiful interior and exterior photos of a van taken from a Ford sell-sheet I picked up from my lo- cal dealership. I stated in the vehicle de- scription on the proposal the van would be brand-new and bought specifically for them. I even superimposed their com- pany logo on the side of the van for more visual impact. is made them feel an im- mediate sense of ownership when view- ing my proposal. Losing Control A shuttle contract will spell out many requirements that may differ from your way of doing business. is can include everything from the driver's attire to what is stocked in a First Aid kit to a fire extinguisher in a vehicle that doesn't even legally require such equipment, such as a sedan or SUV. In REAL WORKING CONTRACTS For examples of two shuttle contracts that can serve as realistic guidelines, go to and ybf9wk8k.

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