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2018 LCT TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT: CUSTOMER SERVICE Your Clients Are Ready To Keep You, If… You find a way to be good all of the time instead of perfect some of the time. By Martin Romjue, LCT editor M IAMI BEACH, Fla. — Could we finally take the "wow" out of customer service? It may be a relief, given the seemingly impossible benchmark of making clients go wow every time. After all, de- livering one wow after another is a lot of pressure. Summit speaker Shep Hyken, a customer experience expert and bestselling author (, debunked some myths about customer service while layout out a strategy for gain- ing business in these impatient, tech-driven, cost-conscious times. He spoke May 1 during the Summit for a session titled, "AI and the Customer Service Revolution." Before hitting the high-tech outlook, Hyken offered a solid overview of lasting service principles. "Do you have to blow people away over the top, every time, and wow them?" Hyken asked a Summit audience. "e an- swer is absolutely not. ose opportunities will come when there's some type of emergency where somebody ends up de- layed and the flight lands at 3 a.m, and there is that driver waiting for them as if they were supposed to at 8 p.m. You think, 'Wow. ose guys are actually here. ey were paying attention.' at's a wow-type experience. But day-in and day- out, what you must do is you must be a little bit better than average, but all the time." Customer experiences are now based on the best ones they ever had with any company they did business with, he said. "ey expect you are going to provide as good of an experi- ence as your favorite company, whether it's Amazon, Nord- strom, or Ritz-Carlton." He gave the example of a sales clerk who sells you a pair of shoes after spending 15 minutes with you finding the perfect pair and then a coupon to ensure you got the best price. "And you think, 'Why can't the people I do business with be as help- ful, supportive, and knowledgeable as this guy who's probably making about $15 an hour selling shoes at a shoe store?'" e key to good service is to recognize excellence doesn't come from being excellent, Hyken said. It comes from being good all of the time. at means a predictable and a consis- tent experience. "Fine is not fine," Hyken said. "Fine is like satisfactory. Fine means not fine. Fine is the F-bomb of customer service. So, if you want to be better than fine, better than average or satis- factory, being a bit better than average consistently and pre- dictably is where you want to be." One sign of success is when a customer describes your com- pany as "always" doing something positive: "You know what? ey're always there on time. ey always answer the phone for me. ey always send me timely messages. ey're always knowledgeable when I talk to them. ey're always so helpful. Even when there's something wrong, I know I can always count on them to make sure things turn out right." Hyken contrasted three key moments: Moment of magic, also called the moment of truth; bad experiences as moments of misery; and average ones as moments of mediocrity. Any cus- tomer interaction with your service will form an impression. "Our goal is to stay away from mediocrity, to stay away from negligence. You will get complaints, and sometimes there will be problems. e best companies in the world have problems too, but they have a system in place to make sure they man- age it in a way that becomes a positive experience. You turn a negative into a positive not just by fixing them, but restoring the confidence of that customer." Using an example from his boyhood of doing magic shows 38 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION AUGUST 2018 For Shep Hyken's "Six Steps To Better Service," check out the online version of this article at under keywords "LCT Summit" or "customer service." Customer service expert Shep Hyken redefined the concept of excellence for an audience of luxury transportation operators during the LCT Technology Summit in Miami Beach, Tuesday, May 1, 2018 (LCT photo)

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