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August 2018

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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION AUGUST 2018 37 MOTORCOACH • SHUTTLE BUS • VAN 1st Source Bank is a national leader in financing specialty equipment, with more than 40 years of serving individuals and businesses. Our experienced team is ready to provide you outstanding service, straight talk and sound advice. Flexible financing options including lines of credit Simple application process for aggregate credit up to $350,000 Personal service from industry specialists Let us tailor your unique financing package. Contact Amanda Lundmark Cell: 815 953-3623 Office: 574 401-6111 Specialty Finance Group tlebus • CUSTOM FINANCING fee houses, and retail hubs that could move about cities either on schedule or on demand. ey would operate much like the current clerk-less Amazon con- cept store, where you walk in, pick your products, and walk out as a scanner wirelessly connects with your smart- phone to bill you. It underscores how the old ding-a-ling ice cream truck still has a bright future. — nication within the vehicle itself. Riders can use apps to track available vehicles and get real-time schedules on arrivals, departures, and traffic flow. Someone could be driving towards a city and pay for parking as they're driving along, so commerce from the vehicle is some- thing coming as well." And in the most radical vision, Jones presented slides showing movable, driverless pods for small stores, cof- system so people you know will want this. ink about the driving system features you have in your vehicles to- day. ink how you could enhance that going forward; how that could be a differentiator; about the connec- tivity of your vehicles and how you're passengers can be connected or are connected today. ink about how green your fleet is." Is this something that makes you stand out? Jones predicted a mix of fleet-owned and individually owned vehicles. "It has to show up in a great condition and be used 24/7. Somewhere, at some point in the day, they need to be cleaned. For every trip, it should be in a certain condition, so you also need sensors and cameras within the vehicle to observe the vehicle's state. So you can imagine needing several services during the day to keep it to a standard that every- one expects." Driverless vehicles also will come in a variety of styles and designs, de- pending on the purpose of a trip. ey could range from two seaters for quick trips, to four-seaters facing each other for a group, or larger vehicles with lug- gage compartments. For riders with disabilities, there may be attendants to assist, Jones said. "Or there might be a premium service, having an attendant in the vehicle, as well. So all this stuff is really up for debate, and how we supply this is a big question. But the vehicles must be stable because lots of people will be us- ing them." Lastly, operators should be prepare their companies to partner, acquire, merge, and/or sell along the way to find- ing a service niche in an increasingly mobile transportation sector. A New Concept Of Mobility Vehicles increasingly are being con- nected to the outside world and within, said Jones, showing a slide photo of a Mercedes-Benz concept vehicle where all the seats have turned into the mid- dle. "Every door, every window can be- come a display. And these people are having a business meeting as they're driving on the freeway." e connectivity then plays into smart city integration, as thinking ve- hicles connect and interact with the city itself: Vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to city, vehicle to infrastructure such as traffic lights and signals, and commu-

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