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August 2018

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M IAMI BEACH, Fla. — Driverless vehicles could eventually recircuit how we move and live, but un- til then, limo and bus op- erators have time to plan for a future that still involves luxury ground transportation. Chris Jones, co-founder and chief analyst at Canalys, brought those mes- sages to the Technology Summit where he looked at the long-range potential of a more mobile, connected society. He started off the agenda April 30 with a session, "How Our Industry Capitalizes On is New Frontier." Jones' firm does not favor any particular technology, OEM, or company, so it can indepen- dently look at all of them. As with any massive technological revolution, the vision must travel a long road to reality. The Big Drivers Four major trends are driving this au- tomotive revolution: Autonomous tech- nology, connected communication, electric energy, and shared resources and access. "You're witnessing different innovations happening from different parts of the technology industry as they move into the automotive space," Jones told the audience of operators. Among global megatrends affecting the ground transportation industry overall is the advent of megacities, as cities get bigger and busier. at leads to 1.3 million road deaths worldwide. "We have poor air quality and traffic congestion in our major cities around the world," he said. Another factor hastening a driver- less world is the trend of young people not necessarily rushing out to get their driver's license when they turn 16, 17, or 18, he said. "ere are other ways for them to get around. Consumers want constant connectivity. ey want to be on their social media all the time. And driving means they can't do that. ey're stuck to their phones." Smart city programs are looking at ways to improve how people living and working in cities interact, and how transportation could make it easier to get around, Jones said. Who's Leading On Driverless Cars? Multiple companies are develop- ing autonomous vehicles, including OEMs, Google, Intel, Apple, and Sam- 3 4 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION AUGUST 2018 LCT TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT: DRIVERLESS VEHICLES NOT SO FAST. . . Before ground transportation can ditch the drivers, government and manufacturers face a long list of challenges to bring it all about. By Martin Romjue, LCT editor Autonomous technology expert and analyst Chris Jones presented a comprehensive, connected vision of a more mobile world that thrives on driverless vehicles.

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