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August 2018

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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION AUGUST 2018 27 Sprinter Coaches by Royale Call today and speak with a product specialist: 1-800-544-5587. 99 Newark Street, Haverhill, MA 01832 | 978.374.4530 · 800.544.5587 | sales@ · Sales & Service Centers: Massachusetts · New York · New Jersey · Florida · California · Nevada © 2015 Cabot Coach Builders, Inc. Where Craftsmanship Counts ™ FERNANDO CARLISON JR. CEO, Mundi Limousine Miami, Fla. Carlison is no stranger to the fact the industry overall is behind on technology. "It's frustrating when the software companies won't work with one another because it limits potential for growth." He says affiliate integration is one of the biggest tech challenges he faces. He believes everyone needs to work together if they hope to achieve success. "We need to stop being selfish and grow together. No one has the time or power to be everywhere, even in their local market. Take the ego out of it and be humble. If I was afraid of losing data, I'd drop my current software provider. If I take care of my client, if he likes me, he's going to use me regardless of the price you offer him. It's about the relationship — so let's talk and make money together." Carlison says autonomous vehicles will take some getting used to, but they won't "kill" the industry. "Thirty years from now, our children will have grown up in a world where that's the norm. But we won't trust driverless vehicles, even though we're of the younger generation. It's still not normal for us. The role of the chauffeur will change, but they won't go away." He says he's always been the kind of person to test something new on the market. "Open your mind and start trying new things. When we first signed up with Zipwhip, we never used it so I cancelled. However, after we trained our staff on how to use it, it changed everything. If we didn't have it now, we'd suffer." "The great takeaway from the Summit is to make sure you contact clients in a way that works best for them," he says. "It's not just when booking. We let them know we are thinking about them. And if there's anything we can do, we will do it." —Robert Alexander HARRY DHILLON Owner and founder, Ecko Worldwide Transportation San Jose, Calif. Dhillon has always been a tech forward operator, but says his biggest struggle at the moment is with the options for CSR software. "For valid reasons, they can't go as fast as needed. To get around this, you have to see how you can optimize whatever you have. Learn the software inside and out so instead of calling the support team for every little thing, you can do it yourself."

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