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August 2018

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26 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION AUGUST 2018 WWW.LCTMAG.COM Leasing is Bright TITUS LEASING COMPANY - THE BRIGHT CHOICE Partner with Titus Leasing Company and experience the brightest ideas when it comes to leasing. Call us today to find out how we can help you improve your bottom line. 800-227-3965 I TECHNOLOGY & LEADERSHIP CHRISTINA NGUYEN Director of customer and affiliate relations, Concierge Limousine Huntington Beach, Calif. Nguyen says her biggest technology challenge is the lack of integration between platforms. "When affiliates don't have to type out individual reservations, it leads to fewer mistakes. GriDD is helping, but it's not fully integrated with every platform." When one company's reservation software doesn't easily connect with another's, it wastes precious time that could be used to generate more business. "Time is money, and every minute counts." She hopes software providers will eventually find a middle ground and learn to trust one another. "People need to let their guards down and work together. The smoother things are, the more sign-ups these providers will get in turn. I get they have to make a profit too, but they need to think about the good of their customers as well or else they won't have anyone to profit from. If you've got the word 'limo' in your company name and there are no more limousine businesses left because they can't work efficiently, you're not going to exist very long yourself." Looking at what the future holds for autonomous vehicles, recent accidents, and deaths show there's still a long way to go. "If a chip shorts out or there's a programing error in one of these vehicles, you can't take that back." She also points out the technology will likely be implemented in the public transit sector before it even touches the luxury transportation industry. "Then you run into the same issue you have with TNCs; only instead of the driver sexually assaulting someone, it could be another passenger." with your affiliates," he says, citing the ease of importing information into the dispatching system. The Rate My Ride feature through Driver Anywhere allows for faster dispatching and communication with drivers, he says. "It really helps with your customers when you can say at a moment's notice where your driver is. And being able to discuss different flows of traffic makes you seem knowledgeable about routes." The Rate My Ride service also helps the company apply customer feedback since they receive a text after each ride asking to rate various service performance aspects on a scale of one to five. "We can answer questions for clients while using a positive, coachable tool for my chauffeurs. Every four to six weeks, we'll have an all-hands meeting where we name the chauffeurs with the most positive responses (negative ones are handled privately). We use that as a tool to coach the entire chauffeuring team."

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