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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION AUGUST 2018 25 "If you've got the word "limo" in your company name and there are no more limousine businesses left because they can't work efficiently, you're not going to exist very long yourself." —Christina Nguyen BRETT BARENHOLTZ CEO of Boston Car Service / Above All Transportation Boston, Ma. As one of New England's largest operations, the combined companies emphasize the benefits of vehicle management via GPS products. "Knowing where everyone is at all times is one of the most important things," Barenholtz advises. The service now routinely texts client passengers when they land and gives them the option of receiving care alerts. "When you make a reservation, you get 24- and 12-hour advance notices, and driver enroute statuses. Road show clients like to see where the boss is. Some clients prefer more care alerts, some less." has helped many of his clients access his system directly for booking reservations and it has streamlined billing. The app is simple for customers to use. Like many operators at the Summit, Barenholtz prefers a linked industry-wide network that enables various software systems to connect on affiliate-related bookings. "For us to choose a software upgrade, it will come down to when we find out which software talks to others," he says. "Hopefully everybody is talking to everybody soon." ALEX DARBAHANI CEO and owner of KLS Worldwide Transportation Beverly Hills, Calif. Building on his extensive high-end Southern California chauffeured service, Darbahani has launched a complementary events planning division called Seamless Logistics. "We don't approach clients as a transportation company," he says. "We approach them as a technology company. The money now is in events." KLS and Seamless work together to plan and coordinate turnkey fleet transportation and planning for meetings and convention groups of up to 700 people. Last year, the companies handled 160 events and are on track to work 180-200 events this year. One area providing a lot of growth is the video gaming industry, which holds meetings and tournaments at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Darbahani has found Livery Coach software to be compatible with his business model and needs. He can add more events features while customizing service menus and options for events clients. "We had one planner who booked 400 pick-ups and drop-offs and never once had to call our office," Darbahani says. "She had complete information on a driver dashboard on one page on her tablet and laptop. She knew what jobs were coming up and could contact the drivers directly. You can see who is being dropped off and if someone left something behind in a car." I n addition, KLS offers an app, which has registered 5,000 downloads, and presents videos of its products and services to clients. Each events passenger receives a link to download the KLS app to receive alerts and ride information. Darbahani also credits the help of the G-Net network by GRiDD Technologies that enables software systems to connect on affiliate bookings and available vehicles. "Since we have used the system, we have had zero incidents for missed pick-ups and missed communication," he adds, citing his East Coast-related bookings. "G-Net allows real time changes for clients and drivers that can be tracked through GPS. It has saved me accounts and spared me calls about missed clients in other cities." KLS has been on G-Net almost six months and does about 80 jobs on it nationwide per day. have a system that is phenomenal." Clients control the revenue dollars that pay for your software, Assolin says. "You have to keep pace with the development of TNCs. It's unfortunate, but that's the reality we live in today. People want what they want and they want it now. If you can't give it, they will look elsewhere." ROBERT GASKILL CEO and founder of MOTEV Los Angeles The most visible technology feature at MOTEV is apparent as soon as you see its Tesla fleet vehicles pull up along the street. Its mostly all-electric fleet of Models X and S embody the latest energy-efficient and advanced engine technologies with innovative onboard amenities and tools. "The amount of sensors and safety features built into the vehicles are huge," Gaskill says. "The more tools your chauffeurs have at their disposal, the better you can pay attention to what's going on in front of you. Every once in a while that car will see something for you. That part of the auto driving feature makes the chauffeur and passenger safer." Gaskill says MOTEV benefits from the Limo Anywhere software platform and its Driver Anywhere app. Limo Anywhere has the most users in the luxury ground transportation industry. "It bridges communication and makes it easier to communicate

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