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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION AUGUST 2018 21 PEOPLE & OPERATIONS 1. Increase in bleisure travel - Bleisure travelers aren't just Millennials. Business people of all ages are extending business trips into mini vacations…if their company's travel policy allows it. 2. Mobile booking on the rise - 79% of mo- bile travelers completed a booking on their smartphones in 2017, up from 70% in 2016, according to Google. 3. Live chat capability on websites - People still want to be able to speak with a human being…just not over the phone. They like having an instant reply to a specific question without being put on hold. 79% of businesses that offer live chat have seen higher sales, revenue, and cus- tomer loyalty, according to a survey conducted by Kayako. 4. Cybersecurity concerns - Today's business travelers often come with important data. Hackers are no longer something you only find in fiction, so corporate travelers will be looking for secure WiFi and Bluetooth connec- tions, as well as a safe place to keep their electronics. 5. Airbnb rising in popularity for business travelers - The site recently launched a separate booking site for businesses that features "work-ready" homes. As blei- sure travel increases, people are looking to stay in places that don't make it feel like they are traveling for work. 6. Bumps in hotel pricing - The 2018 Glob- al Travel Forecast shows hotel prices are expected to rise by 3.7% this year, with Europe seeing the steep- est increases. Hotels are also starting to move away from fixed, corporate rates to dynamic pricing models. 7. Steady airline prices — Flights will be a lot more crowded due to afford- able airfare. 8. Further development in AI — While AI still has a long way to go, it has the potential to save a lot of time and money. The technology will help travelers make quick purchase deci- sions, check itineraries, and keep up to date on corporate travel policies. 9. More flexible corporate travel programs — As more Millennials enter the workforce, work-life balance will become a bigger concern to employ- ers. Expect to see more businesses offering flexible options for their business travelers. 10. TNCs becoming preferred choice - The main traits business travelers look for in transportation are dependability, timeliness, and cost. Related indus- tries should be finding ways to appeal to these desires. 11. Mobile payment options becoming more common - Apple Pay, Venmo, and other digital methods of pay- ment are steadily on the rise due to convenience. Research by the DCC Forum shows 51% of busi- ness travelers believe all payments will be made via mobile in the next decade. 12. Social media will reign - Business travelers are sharing their experi- ences on the road now more than ever thanks to the myriad of social networks available to them. 13. Trending back to face-to-face meetings - People realize the impact in-person human interaction can have on success. Face-to-face requests are 34 times more powerful than text- based ones, according to an article in Harvard Business Review. As air- fare prices decrease, more business travelers will be able to network one-on-one. 14. Increased interest in safety - Where- as bad weather and car accidents used to be a main concern, more serious possibilities like terrorist attacks and cybersecurity issues have become bigger fears with employers. Companies are look- ing for businesses that take duty of care seriously. 15. Fewer perks for frequent travelers - Many of the major airlines are making it much harder to reach elite status due to flight affordability. LuxuryTransportation Scene 15 Major Trends In Business Travel For 2018 Here's a checklist of changes to consider as you adapt your service to new client behaviors and expectations. This article has been adapted from a piece titled "Business Travel Trends to Watch in 2018" from ParkDIA user Mike. http:// watch-in-2018/ COCKTAIL MAKERS MIX IT UP FOR 7TH ANNUAL DRINK AWARD MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Teams of at- tendees at the Technology Summit shook, nipped, dipped, and sipped their way through LCT's famed cocktail making contents April 30 on the Edi- tion Hotel grounds. Surrounded by lush tropical palms and foliage just a few feet from the sands of South Beach, three teams competed by mixing and naming three drinks each, which were then judged by "professional" samplers and scored. Like a cooking reality show, contestants had a limited time to serve up each of their concoctions at tables lined with liquor bottles and all the tools of the bar trade. The winning "Team 1" of opera- tors (L to R) Jason Taylor, Farooq Saleem, Javaid Chaudhury, Scott Solombrino, Doug Schwartz, and Lisa Censullo scored 52 points for their three unique creations: Stretch On The Beach, Prom Night, and As Directed. They landed only within three points ahead of the two other teams. The operators were awarded the Ed Bobit Cup, named after the late founder and CEO of Bobit Business Media, which owns LCT Magazine, the LCT Summit, and trade shows. The Cocktail Making Contest started in October 2012 during that year's Leadership Summit in Puerto Rico, and has been held each year since. It is sponsored by Lancer Insurance whose founder and CEO, Tim Delaney Sr., presides as host and grand drink master of the event. BRISTOL COACH & LIMOUSINE WINS BEST OF AWARD IN LOCAL PAPER NORTON, Mass. — Bristol Coach & Limousine Services of Norton, Mass. was voted Best Limousine Service for 2018 by readers of The Sun Chronicle news- paper in Attleboro, Mass. This is the eighth year it has received the award. The company specializes in wed- dings, proms, birthdays, anniversaries,

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