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40 LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR JANUARY 2017 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LCT EAST SEMINAR SERIES: HR/TRAINING From Rants To Raves: How To Engage Your Employees LCT East speaker and workforce expert Randi Busse explains how to create a company culture where everyone thinks like owners. By Lexi Tucker, LCT assistant editor A TLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Are your em- ployees engaged? In other words, are they emotionally commit- ted to helping make your company successful? Randi Busse, president of Workforce Development Group Inc. and session speak- er at the LCT-NLA Show East, would like to remind you your staff is the face, name, and voice that represents your brand. If they aren't engaged, then how they act and what they are thinking will affect the kind of experience they provide your clients. Compliant Vs. Committed The title of Busse's session, "Moving Employees From Compliant To Committed," re- flects the challenge of chang- ing a bare-minimum, "I do it because I have to" attitude into one that takes pride in going above and beyond to make customers feel special. Because what do customers who feel special like to do? "Buy again and tell other peo- ple," Busse says. Why is this important? As she puts it, word of mouth has become word of mouse. "I don't think I'm the only one in the room who has one of these," Busse says, as she holds her cell phone in the air. "Your clients have these also, and they are not afraid to use them. We want the stories they are telling to be good ones, and that happens with who's been taking care of them." This all starts with en- suring your employees are engaged; the tough part is figuring out how. "Do your employees tell you 'I'm at an 8.5 today, boss'? I recently saw a shirt that said 'I quit…', and on the back it said, '… but I still work here.' That's someone who's not even compliant — they are just there for a paycheck." During the session, Busse asked what the audience thought is the most important thing employees want from an employer. Respect, ap- preciation, recognition, and a sense of "why" were all men- tioned. She then asked, "Why didn't anyone say money?" The answer? "We want our employees to be engaged not because we are giving them a paycheck, but because they feel like they are a part of something bigger. You have a great deal to do with that." Scary Statistic Busse cited a Gallup poll that shows only 30% of all em- ployees are engaged. This means if you have 100 peo- ple working for you, 70 have checked out in some way, shape, or form. "That's really scary, because 70% of your staff is still making contact with your clients," she says. And that's whether they are speaking to customers over the phone, dispatching a car, or whether they are actually driving one of your clients. But before you start freak- ing out and decide to com- pletely overhaul your staff, here's the good news: You can turn your rant employees into rave ones. Busse describes a "rant" employee as those who are standoffish, never smile, and act closed off from the rest of the team. "Rave" em- ployees, on the other hand, are proud of what they do, happy to be with your com- pany, and are always ready to help when needed. It doesn't matter if you have 99 rave em- ployees; if you've got one rant, Randi Busse, president of Workforce Development Group Inc., reminded the audience to look at themselves in the mirror to ensure they were serving as a good example to their employees. "ONLY 30% OF YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE ENGAGED."

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