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6 WWW.LCTMAG.COM DEAR LCT: FEATURED E-MAIL OF THE MONTH Be sure to visit to post your comments and feedback on any of the content items. LCT will publish the best comments on this page. From: Randy Allen, owner, James Limousine, Richmond, Va., LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR SEPTEMBER 2016 I recently read a quote from Sebastien Bazin, the CEO of AccorHotels. Bazin has a clear vision for his company, one of the largest luxury hotel operators in the world. Interviewed online in Skift (a travel industry news site), Bezin summarizes his hospitality philosophy as "to succeed in this business, you've got to be flexible, you've got to be fast, and you've got to be able to respond exactly to your customers' needs and wants." Doesn't this apply equally well to our industry and busi- nesses? I am re-evaluating long held practices, such as requiring hourly booking minimums instead of allowing two point-to-point trips, quoting flat transfer rates instead of time and distance pricing, and only accepting prescheduled reserva- tions with very limited ability to handle on-demand/ASAP requests. Changes in my customers' behavior and expectations has already occurred. It's time for me to fit my customers' needs instead of forcing them to fit my traditional business model. LCT SOCIAL CONNECTIONS I SEPTEMBER 2016 Follow LCT on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn 6 Do you want to sound off straight to an editor? E-mail your thoughts on an industry topic to LCT editor Martin Romjue (; LCT East Coast editor Tom Halligan (; LCT assistant editor Lexi Tucker (; OR LCT contributing editor Jim Luff ( LCT CONNECT — the new-school alternative to a letters-to-the-editor page — is compiled by LCT editor Martin Romjue martin@lctmag. com) and LCT social media editor Lexi Tucker ( Visitor comments we "like" on LCT Social Media posts. [07/06/2016] Industry Pricing Problem Apparent On Airport Runs Jordan: It's true that on the tech side we can and continually do find ways to bring goods and services to the market at cheaper rates. But the zinger here is employee vs. independent contractor. Are Blacklane and the limousine company both kept to a standard of employee chauffeurs? [07/06/2016] Carey, Lyft Talking Possible Merger, Email Reveals Rich Guberti: Carey gets technology and Lyft becomes regulated worldwide. Like it or not, it is a smart move if this is their intention. Leaked email, love the drama. Maybe a move to see who else wants to get in on this deal. [07/13/2016] Taxis Still Beating TNCs In New York City Jimmy: Value of medallions in New York City have dropped to the point where the companies financing medallion purchases are under stress. Why ride in a filthy hot cab when a nice new Toyota or Honda is available? Creative destruction at work. [08/03/2016] Charter Bus Driver In Fatal Crash Had Not Slept Well Anthony: The company that owns the bus also had over 44 safety violations. These bus accidents are out of control. Bus insurance needs to have a different policy rating for a company that runs old buses and should be charged a fee for any safety violations. Otherwise, all bus charter companies will pay higher rates for these clown operators. [08/10/2016] Mass. TNC Law Could Carry National Clout Jimmy: Thank you guys for the start of this great legislation in your state and I am optimistic this will be the beginning of more to come. I will begin contacting some of our state politicians and tell them to enact similar legislation. Also, I will spread the word to other limo operators. [08/02/2016] Is Business Travel Giving Duty Of Care The Finger? Richard: Please, the business industry has taken in Uber and Lyft with open arms. They do not care if they have no insurance or child molester drivers. They only care about the cheap and easy rides they get. Quick, no planning. Just pick up a phone and push a button, and in less than five minutes you get a car! And the travel planners are heeding their wishes and using Uber and Lyft! Face it, the industry waited way too long to get a fight against these TNCs and now even the big boys are hurting. It will not be long before you see one or two of the bigger legal transportation services fold; it is only a matter of time. As the smaller ones have begun to fold right and left for the past year. 8/2/16: 2017 Lincoln Continental Ready Before Year Ends Zahid Kahlon: Can't wait Furqan Tariq: Looks like a Jaguar 7/29/16: California Operator Rocks A Tesla Fleet Bruce Carlson: Looking forward to all electric vehicles and solar chargers cutting operating costs even further. 7/29/16: TNCs Cozy Up To Regulators To Get More DNC Rides Sasha Padurjan: You mean: Bribing city officials! Geoff Jacobs: Buying politicians one at at time. 7/27/16: Uber Tent Becomes Hot Spot During Democratic Convention Gary LeCamu: They deserve each other. 8/4/16: Is Business Travel Giving Duty Of Care The Finger? Patricia Charla Vail: There are no U.S. laws requiring duty of care, although laws are prevalent in most other countries. I think you will find co mpanies headquartered in other countries, particularly in the U.K. and Europe, are more concerned about duty of care, data security (i.e. EU privacy shield certification and compliance), and other matters concerning the well-being of their employees. 7/6/16: Carey, Lyft Talking Possible Merger, Email Reveals Markanthony R Little: Hmmmm. This is a blow to the fight 8/3/16: How To Connect Supply To On-Demand @ERoundtable: ERA alum @dashride is featured in: How To Connect Supply To On-Demand via @LCTmag 7/29/16: NLA Petitions White House On Fair Labor Rules For TNCs @DavElLimo: Need support from #taxi and #limo 7/20/16 @VIPLimosSG: BIG THANK YOU to Lexi for providing me w/ the 2015 & 2016 @LCTMag Fact Books. Extremely useful for us in the #limo usine & chauffeur industry! "BEST OF" ARTICLE COMMENTS SAMPLER @ LCTMAG.COM TOP COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK/LINKEDIN/TWITTER

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