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September 2016

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LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR SEPTEMBER 2016 49 the workplace to satisfy the desires of the workforce. With Millennials, that means creating a dynamic corporate culture, changing your office layout to encourage collaboration and communi- cation, and offering the benefits Millen- nials expect. — jump on the bandwagon. Ignoring the situation only makes it worse. Without management intervention, more employ- ees are affected by the attitude and ac- tions of the instigator. The Bottom Line T o attract top talent, you must change management. This includes the need for constant reassurance of jobs well done. It requires fully communicating the ex- pectations for future assignments. They love to have meetings to review their performance and strategically plan their futures. The "top boss" theory doesn't work for them, since everyone is a part of the team and they don't see the need to provide the respect Boomers had for the chain of command. Time To Say Goodbye Despite good intentions of accommo- dating Millennial attitudes, standards still should prevail. Kahakauwila says it is important to recognize when an em- ployee is so self-centered and so bent on changing the company to fit their vi- sion of how to run it, that a separation is inevitable. Sometimes the creativity levels are too high and the expectations too great, and both parties become frus- trated with the relationship. Kahakauwila cautions an unbridled employee can quickly become a cancer in the organization and spread ill-feel- ings toward other staff members who may either report it to management or Today, employees are evaluating the companies they apply to as much as the company checks them out. Just because you offer them a job doesn't mean they will take it if they don't be- lieve it is a good fit. Millennials have no problem telling an employer or prospective employer to take this job and shove it.

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